How Does It Work?

Think of Macroclimate® as your automated portfolio manager and sustainability specialist.

You’re in control of your relationship with your clients — and your pricing (as well as billing, if you prefer). You simply use Macroclimate® as your turnkey portfolio manager (What is a TAMP?) and overlay your value-added wealth management services.

We’ll provide you with a referral code that enables your clients to open a Macroclimate® account at a special discounted rate under your supervision. It’s as simple as that.

Setup is paperless and easy

Our easy-to-use digital platform gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your clients – remotely or in person. For example, you’re welcome to sit down with your clients, or share your screen, and walk them through our paperless signup process, which includes an interactive risk assessment tool that shows how risk and return are related. With client authorization, you can instruct us on their behalf.

Seamless execution – with your branding if desired

Once a portfolio has been selected, we seamlessly manage your clients’ investments including rebalancing, account administration1 and on-demand performance reporting, which eliminates your need to produce quarterly and annual reports. At your option, add your own logo/branding to the Client Portal — and/or integrate with your existing systems.

Intelligently hedge your clients’ carbon exposure

Macroclimate® allows you and your clients to maximize either carbon reduction or expected returns. (Refer to Macroclimate®Ultra Low Carbon and Low Carbon portfolios, respectively, in Record of Outperformance chart.) At your option, you can use Macroclimate® as a carbon-protection “hedge” for all or just a portion of your clients’ assets.

CarbonScan® — our free tool for estimating carbon intensity of portfolios by asset class — can tell you approximately how large that position might need to be. Sustainability is now the prudent and responsible default option for everyday investors.

Test drive your clients’ state-of-the-art digital experience right now, or contact us for more information.

1  Account administration includes account setup, account funding, investment policy statements and back-office administration, as well as billing and processing of investment management fees. With client authorization, financial advisory partners may receive access to Client Portal and limited power of attorney for trading instructions. At your option, you can add your own logo/branding to the Client Portal and/or integrate our back-office feed with your existing portfolio reporting systems. Contact us for pricing on these customization options.