Data Notes

Fossil Fuel Holdings and Targets
DFA US Sustainability Core Equity 1, DFA International Sustainability Core Equity, and DFA Emerging Markets Sustainability Core Equity serve as the foundation of Macroclimate Ultra Low Carbon Global Equity Portfolio. DFA International Sustainability Core Equity is transitioning to zero exposure to largest owners of fossil fuel reserves.
Assets Under Management
All Macroclimate portfolios are balanced, with a mix of equities (stocks) and fixed income (bonds) tailored to your goals and risk profile. As such, Assets Under Management include equity as well as fixed income assets aligned with Macroclimate's ultra low carbon strategy.
Fund Net Expense
Net Expense to Investor for Macroclimate Ultra Low Carbon Global Equity Portfolio is a blended rate for the equity (stock) portion of the mutual fund portfolio as of June 2019. Investment management fee is additional.
General Disclaimer
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Data Sources
Fossil Free Funds, Morningstar, and Dimensional Fund Advisors as of June 2019.