Video Library

  • Dimensional Origins
    Chairman David Booth and others talk about the firm’s founding and its close ties to the academic community. (4:21)
  • How Do I Handle the Ups and Downs in the Market?
    Maintaining a well-diversified portfolio allocated according to your risk tolerance, investment goals, and time horizon is the key to handling market volatility. (2:45)
  • Implications of Investor Behavior
    Continuing research in behavioral economics, which combines the methodology of economics with the insights of psychology, can improve investor decision-making. (5:05)
  • Eugene Fama On Modern Finance
    University of Chicago Booth Professor and Nobel prize winning economist Eugene Fama, the first big user of computers in financial science, talks about the evolution of modern finance. (3:33)
  • Is Now a Good Time To Be in the Market?
    The decision to be in the market should be based on your long-term financial goals — not the short-term performance of stocks. (2:40)
  • Why Invest Internationally?
    Half of the world’s investment opportunities exist outside of the US, and not investing internationally may cause you to miss out on these opportunities and the diversification benefits they provide. (2:44)
  • Myron Scholes on Dimensional
    Nobel prize winning economist Myron Scholes reflects on the beginnings of Dimensional and its unique approach to investing. (5:05)
  • A Foundation Built on Great Ideas
    Many of the greatest advancements in finance have come from academic research. Dimensional Fund Advisors is a pioneer in translating those discoveries into practical investment solutions for clients. (2:35)

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