Frequently Asked Questions



 What is Macroclimate?

 What is a fee-only fiduciary advisor?

 What is Macroclimate’s relationship to Dimensional Fund Advisors?

 What is Macroclimate’s relationship to Geofinancial Analytics?

 What is a Digital Wealth Management service?

 Do you provide personalized one-on-one investment advice?

 Can you can handle my tax and financial planning as well as investment management?

 What is CarbonScan?

 Are you compliant with fossil fuel divestment movement standards?

Getting Started

 Who can I talk to?

 How much does a Macroclimate account cost?

 Can you manage my IRA or “orphaned” 401k?

 Which account types do you support?

 What is your minimum to get started?

 What do I get with a Macroclimate account?

 How do you design a portfolio for me?

 Do you take my taxes into consideration?

 Do you serve international clients?

Account Management

 Where is my money held?

 How does my existing account become a Macroclimate account?

 How do I pay for my Macroclimate account?

 How do I add money to my Macroclimate account?

 How do I withdraw money?

 How do I change my risk level or choose a new portfolio?

 Who will send my tax documents?

 What about portfolio performance reports?

 How do I close my Macroclimate account?


 What is your investment philosophy?

 What do you mean by a well-balanced portfolio?

 What do you invest in?

 Which funds do you use?

 Where can I learn more about your performance?

 Why do you use mutual funds and not stocks?

 Where can I see how I’ll be invested?

 What happens to the stocks and funds I already own?

 How do you handle liquidity events like an IPO?

 How often do you rebalance?

 How do you measure risk?

 How do you forecast how the portfolio may perform over time?

 How are the answers to my questions mapped to an asset allocation?

 What happens to dividends?

Security & Privacy

 How do I send you documents securely?

 What is bank-level data security?

 Can you move my money in and out of my Macroclimate account?

 Is my money safe?

 Do you sell my personal information?


Our commitment to you regarding Information Security & Privacy